Scottish Highlanders


Our farm’s beef comes from Scottish Highlanders that we exclusively pasture-raise without the use of chemicals, soy, corn, grains or GMOs.  Scottish Highlanders are a distinct breed of cattle.  It is the oldest purebred cattle breed in the world! They are smaller than Angus, have long hair (which offers plenty of heat for the cold Wisconsin winter months—and their hair replaces the fat that other cattle breeds have) and horns, which make them unsuitable for commercial production.

However, they make for the perfect breed for smaller homesteads such as ours, due to their smaller size, domicile demeanor and the ability to trace the sire/dam of the breed allowing for superior or “premium”, hardy cattle genetics. They are also highly intelligent—which causes challenges because their curiosity leads them to wander and they are smart enough to maneuver any fence to escape.  They live outdoors in harmony with nature.   

The beef is tastier, leaner, healthier, and much tender than other breeds of cattle.  We raise only two Scottish Highlanders at a time so they have an acre of land each to rotationally graze upon–this way, neither the land nor the animal is stressed.  Highlander beef is about 40% lower in cholesterol and fats than other beef.  It is also higher in protein and iron than their counterparts.  Laboratory tests have proven that Scottish Highland beef is lower in cholesterol than buffalo, pork, lamb, and chicken.   We age our beef for a minimum of two weeks to enhance its delicious flavor.