Our Story

We started raising our own food due to health reasons in 2011. John has been allergic to just about anything since birth and Wendy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Tired of break outs, feeling sluggish from the food we were consuming, and broke from all the medication that seemed to make us feel worse, we set out on our mission to clean up our diet and lifestyle to consist of only clean, real, chemical-free, primal food.

We purchased a 10-acre property (an hour and a half away from our hometown) and started raising pastured, non-gmo poultry and eggs. We have spent the last few years traveling to workshops, spent countless hours researching, and educating ourselves– all to be able to make sure we provide the best quality products and also inform our community about sustainable, environmentally responsible practices (all while maintaining full-time jobs off the farm).  We are very small, and are gradually and slowly expanding.  We are proud to be able to share with others who also share our passion for a healthier, feel-good lifestyle.  

In 2014, John earned his Permaculture Design Certification so he also offers his services to people who want to create their own sustainable food forest.   

Wendy makes all natural food and plant based household products and organizes the farms Community Supported Agriculture program.

We are continually striving to be better for our family and for yours.  Our vision is to inspire and educate to create a healthier, cleaner tomorrow.