Building healthy soils and pasture diversity

We felt the best way to accomplish allowing our animals plenty of fresh greens each day was to paddock shift them. We start with our two scottish highlanders, Alf and Arnold. We section off their area of pasture and they graze happily. We let that rest and move them. Then, the pigs come by and root eat, and root some more. They are nature’s rototillers. The chickens are out there doing their thing spreading all the good stuff around. We then forecast a mix of seeds that consist of clover, alfalfa, daikon radish, sunflowers, turnips, perennial rye grass, buckwheat and peas. We call this cover crop. It rains and everything flourishes. Repeat cycle. When you have soil that is healthy and nutrient rich, there is not a need to spray to make crops grow. Nature, when left alone, is in perfect balance.